Student welfare


Student welfare

  • KAIST Clinics
    kaist clinics

    It is a medical center that was completed in 2010, providing medical services to KAIST's Korean and foreign members and their families.
    Departments like internal medicine, dentistry, dermatology, and ophthalmology are available, and it is a research-oriented hospital that conducts medical research integrating clinical and academic research functions.

  • International Exchange Center
    International Exchange Center

    It is a compound educational and cultural space created so that foreign professors, researchers, and students can smoothly integrate with Korean members. It is equipped with a language room, classroom, multi-purpose room, lounge, and outdoor terrace, and there are departments that handle administrative and life support for foreign members.

  • Ryugeun Cheol Sports Complex
    Ryugeun Cheol Sports Complex

    It is a multi-purpose sports facility for promoting students' health. It is equipped with a main stadium for ball sports with 3,000 seats and a 200m jogging track. There are also fitness centers, golf learning zones, exercise prescription rooms, dance rooms, martial arts rooms, and club rooms.

  • Indoor Swimming Pool
    Indoor Swimming Pool

    It is an indoor swimming pool for the members of the university and is located to the left of the main auditorium (E15).
    There is a sauna facility, and it is possible to enter daily at a cheap price, and free lessons are available from the student swimming club.

  • Student Dormitory
    Student Dormitory

    We operate 21 dormitories with a total capacity of over 8,000 people so that students can concentrate on education and research and adapt smoothly to campus life. It is large enough for all students who wish to enter to live in, and it is equipped with various convenience facilities such as a store and a gym.

  • Jang Young-shin Student Union
    Jang Young-shin Student Union

    This is a space for students to enjoy a fun and happy campus life through various cultural activities. It was built and designed based on students' suggestions, and the students are responsible for operating the space after completion. It houses a multi-purpose room, martial arts room, individual practice room, club room, bookstore, student autonomy organization office, counseling room, and others.

  • Academic Cultural Center
    Academic Cultural Center

    The KAIST Academic Cultural Center (Library) located in the center of the main campus provides services focusing on the latest information in the field of science and technology, and also provides materials for general education. In addition to serving KAIST members, it has made significant contributions to the Korean science and technology community by providing information to many researchers in the field of science and technology.