All KAIST students can live in the dormitories. KAIST dorm fees are generously low compared to other universities in Korea. Dorm fees will depend on whether you are assigned to a two ~ three person room or single room. All dorm rooms are equipped with desks, chairs, closets, and beds (Bedding is not provided. For exchange students only, bedding is provided for one semester). In your first semester, you will be assigned a dorm room. From the second semester on, you must apply for a dorm room yourself during the application period at

Some students choose to live off-campus by finding housing for themselves. Contact ISSS if you would like the contact information of real estate agents who can provide English services.

Dormitory Fees (Based on 2024)


For more details on KAIST dormitories (cost, dorm rules, etc.) visit the KAIST Dormitory System website.

KAIST Dormitory System website.