Initiative Interdisciplinary Research

College of Engineering Interdisciplinary Research Initiative

College of Engineering Interdisciplinary Research Initiative

The Interdisciplinary Research Initiative in the KAIST College of Engineering promotes convergence among a wide range of disciplines, actively responding to changes in both education and research, driving the generation of new convergent technologies and disciplines, so as to make greater and more direct contributions to society.


Program Overview

ㅇ Eligibility : Full-time faculty of the College of Engineering
ㅇ Research type
 - To be categorized into TypeⅠ (general research project) and Type Ⅱ
   (expenses support project)



Research Type Theme
TypeⅠ A Future-oriented technology with a high impact on upcoming technology
B Key technology to be used by local industries in the near future
TypeⅡ C Technology that addresses social issues perceived as serious public problems in society
D Expenses support project to assist international cooperative activities for the exploration of a topic of international joint research
Scope of Funding

ㅇ Scope of funding by type


Research type Scope of funding
Total research funds Number of projects
TypeⅠ A B C KRW 60 million per project No more than 5 B projects
TypeⅡ D KRW 20 million per project No more than 20 projects

◦ Research period (tentative) : July 1, 2018 ~ June 30, 2019.(1 year)
  ※ In case of Type Ⅰ, allocated research fund may be used to take follow-up measures such as conclusion of research contract (Office of Research Affairs).
  ※ In case of TypeⅡ, allocated project expenses may be used to submit the project results report within 2 weeks.

How to apply

o Faculty : Fill out the attached form and submit to the respective department(school). / By May 18(Friday), 2018, 18:00
o Department(School) : Recommend top two proposals to the Academic and Students Affairs Team. / By May 21(Monday), 2018, 18:00
  ※ Please submit a file containing the proposer’s signature (a document requesting cooperation, original copy)
     (School of Electrical Engineering E3-2, R# 2503)
  ※ Name and affiliation of co-researchers must be filled in (regular faculty from at least two departments/schools must be included.)

Selection Process
  • o To be selected by the Selection/Evaluation Committee for Initiative Convergence Research
     - For Type Ⅰ, projects shall be selected through document and presentation screening; as for Type II, selected through document screening.
     - As for Type Ⅰ, selected proposals may be excluded from the final selection in the event that detailed research plan is found to be inadequate.
Evaluation direction
  • o After the start of the research falling under the category of Type Ⅰ, the interim and annual evaluations are conducted by the Selection/Evaluation Committee.
      ※ In case of TypeⅠ, greater priority will be given to the proposals specifically describing the objectives in international patent, royalties and technology transfer, in order to encourage commercialization performances of the College of Engineering faculty.
      ※ In case of Type Ⅱ, the final results of the project should be accompanied by the publication of the relevant paper featuring international cooperation in a journal (within 1 year after the completion of the research); a proposal featuring cooperation with international faculty or faculty demonstrating excellent international cooperative activities shall be considered in the evaluation process.
Source of funding : Profits generated by the operating fund of ICC fund

o Submission of proposals by faculty : By May 18 (Friday), 2018, 18:00
o Recommendation of proposals by respective departments(schools) to the Academic and Student Affairs Team of the College of Engineering : By May 21(Monday), 2018, 18:00
o Announcement of selected projects : Scheduled for June 1(Friday), 2018
o Evaluation and approval of detailed research plans : Scheduled for June 22 (Friday), 2018
o Execution of first-year research : Scheduled for July 1 (Sunday). 2018