Graduate Research


Venture Research Program for
Master’s and PhD Students in the College of Engineering

The College offers opportunities for students in master’s and doctoral programs to conduct prototype research.

Research Area
  • - Venture research for the implementation of creativity or research for the development of prototypes and ideas development, etc

  ※ Priority will be given to proposals which suggest objectives of the Key Technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Eligibility: Master’s and PhD students enrolled in the College of Engineering
  • (Excluding students participating in research projects for KAIST students)
Research Funding
  • - Funding: KRW 7 million to 10 million per project (TBD)
  • - Period: Every year from May to the end of the year (Approx. 8 months)
Proposal Submission
  • - Proposal form (see attachment) to be filled out by students and submitted to respective departments
    - Priority to be assigned by department and submitted to the Academic Affairs Team of the College of Engineering
  •   (Person-in-charge: Hyun-jung Jo T.2217 Mechanical Engineering B/D N7, Room 2502)