Scholarship programs


International scholarship programs

Graduate Program
  • KAIST scholarship

    KAIST offers a simple but generous scholarship program to international students. KAIST Scholarship supports tuition fees and provides stipends to 94 percent of international students. Subsidized by research participation, most of our students have found themselves financially independent from their homes. 

  • KAIST scholarship (KGPS)

    International students accepted to a KAIST's MS or Integrated MS/Ph.D. program under KGPS will receive a full tuition grant and a monthly stipend of KRW 1,000,000 for four semesters.
    ※ Please see the KAIST homepage/admissions page for more detailed information.

  • Other programs

    China-KAIST Scholarship, Russian Government Scholarship, Taiwan Scholarship, Science Without Borders Korea Scholarship, and Hyundai Motor Scholarship.

  • Application fee

    Note that the application fee will be compensated for all admitted PhD (and integrated MS/PhD) students upon registration.

  • More Information
Global Talents Fast-Track Program
  • Global Talents Fast-Track Program (GTFTP) is a fast-track program that allows KAIST MS/PhD graduates (along with those from a few other Korean institutions) to easily obtain Korean residency/citizenship. Usual requirements for getting permanent residency or dual citizenship of Korea are significantly reduced for KAIST graduates in recognition of their great potential as top science/engineering talents. For more information, click [link]