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Admissions Information

National scholarship

Students on national scholarships have educational expenses partially supported by government funds.

KAIST scholarship

Students on KAIST scholarships have educational expenses partially supported by KAIST funds, external funds, or faculty research funds. (Faculty can only support students using their research funds based on their status as advisor, and beneficiaries may be thus limited in their choice of major.)

General scholarship

Students on general scholarships have educational expenses partially or fully supported by companies, research institutes, educational institutes, or national institutes. (However, candidates for the Graduate School of Culture Technology and Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy may be self-funded, and do not require affiliation to an institute/company.)

* Candidates currently affiliated with a company or research institute can only apply for general scholarships, not the national or KAIST scholarships. (This restriction does not apply to candidates intending to resign before admission. The offer of admission may be withdrawn if candidates remain employed.)

* Students admitted to KAIST shall belong to one of the above student categories. They may be recommended for admission to their second- or third-choices if quota adjustments are required by research area or student category.

Graduate Admissions Information